Founder and Inspirer – Sri HH CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI

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HH Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is an Indian erudite Vedic scholar. He is an eloquent speaker acclaimed nationally and internationally for his various discourses. HH discourses are profound and He incorporates examples from all subjects and walks of life enabling common man to relate even the toughest and complex Vedic principles. HH gives the quintessence of complex topics providing it on a silver platter for any seeker to incorporate easily in one’s lives. There is rarely a person who is not swayed by the simplicity of the language and enthralled by the beauty of His diction.

He is a philosopher, an unparalleled spiritual teacher and practitioner of selfless service to mankind. He is an ambassador of peace, working extensively on various welfare and humanitarian projects across the globe. HH Jeeyar Swamiji for 36 years as a Jeeyar, has been inspiring millions of youth all over the world to learn the art of service and educating communities to live in harmony with the environment.

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami has chosen to spend his lifetime serving people in various streams such as Education, Sports, and Health Care. HH has established schools for tribes, healthcare programs for women, education programs for visually challenged, righteousness programs for prisoners, moral education for all children and many more. HH is taking responsibility and giving all of us an opportunity to be thankful for Bhagavad Ramanuja who was an exemplary acharya by showering utmost love to all mankind.
If his actions had to speak, what would get highlighted most, is his humanitarian nature…. what would stand out… are his various welfare and humanitarian projects across the globe.

However, what would also be apparent is that these achievements are an outcome of his deep roots, through an established lineage, embedded in profound knowledge of Vedas and Vedic rituals.

Every religion has its own rituals. When the soul of a seer, his spirit, gets intensely involved in the ritual, it becomes ‘spi-ritual’, spiritual, crossing all barriers of individual religions and reaching the realm of ‘ oneness’ of all beings. This is what happened to H. H. Chinna Jeeyar Swamy. He is the torch bearer of Sri Vaishnava tradition and the resulting thejas of his light has penetrated through all barriers of caste, religion and nationality.

Known for being a revolutionary social reformer, Ramanujacharya propagated the concept of equality. The number of individual souls being elevated by his teachings kept increasing year after year, decade after decade, century after century…. a thousand years… and still counting.

However society, the world over, had completely forgotten the concept of Equality. This stirred Chinna Jeeyar’s soul ….. he could not leave the tireless efforts of Ramanujacharya towards Equality in the darkness of oblivion.

Chinna Jeeyar’s yearning to revive the concept of Equality in the world gave birth to a vision which actualised as the Statue Of Equality.

Future generations will reap the fruits of a lineage of acharyas through the magnificent monument representing equality of all in the eyes of God.

While HH always considers himself one amongst all of us, it is entirely evident that he is leading the road to our happiness by walking ahead and removing all obstacles and bearing all the pains. HH is walking on the footsteps of his acharya and thus making us automatically perform our duty of serving the lineage by letting us be part of this wonderful ‘Statue of Equality’ project in remembrance of Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja’s 1000th birth anniversary.

For any favor – big or small – you say ‘Thank you’ either by words, or by actions.Imagine the love showered by Bhagavad Ramanuja who has fought for the equality of all of us in front of the ultimate saviour, God. How thankful should we be? HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami asks this question to himself and asks all of us to pose it to ourselves. HH shows a magnificent way to be thankful to that great acharya! So, along with HH, let’s together create history through this ‘Statue of Equality’ and submit ourselves to the service of our acharya!