April 1st, 2022


When making a promise, people tend to use nature as a witness to strengthen their vow for the sake of the beneficiaries so that they do not stay in false belief. For example, I swear with Mother Earth as the witness or the fire as the witness..! Lord also pledged using natural elements as witness to put an end to a debate with a stubborn che:thana, sentient being. Let’s see what the debate is about!

thvam me: ham me: kuthasthath thadapi kutha idam ve:damu:la prama:na:th
e:thaccha:na:di siddha:danubhava vibhava:ttharhi sa:kro:sa e:va |
kva:kro:saha kasya gi:tha:dishu mama vidithaha kro:tha sa:kshi: sudhi: sya:th
hantathvathpakshapa:thi: sa ithi nrukala he:mrugyamadhya sthvaththvam ||

God: Thvam me: (You are mine)

Stubborn jiva: Aham me: (I am independent, I belong to me)

God: How is that possible?

Stubborn jiva: How can you claim your statement?

God: The eternal Vedas

Stubborn jiva: My claim is based on my experiences from the beginning of time

God: That claim of yours has been repudiated

Stubborn jiva: Where, and by who?

God: In Githa by Me!

Stubborn jiva: Any witness?

God: Yes, wise men with clear mind

Stubborn jiva: They are partial to you

God: Once for all, I pledge with wet clothes and thulasi that you belong to Me, I am always with You! Don’t go away from the truth and get into troubles…

48 days passed since the consecration event of the 108 divya desams, the divine places where alwars took darshan of God and sang the glory of God. The above part of the prayer chanted by the priests during the abhishekam must remind everyone of how God is taking a pledge to bestow us with the confidence of His glorious presence and support for every jiva, be it stubborn or submissive...

Is there a bit of the same stubbornness in you?

If so, is it time to look at the beautifully eternal form of the Lord adorned in Thulasi, Turmeric on Wet Clothes, trust in His pledge and experience the grace?

– Divyadesams
 Statue of Equality, Hyderabad

HH Jeeyarswamiji srs
Hh swamiji srs 2
HH jeeyaeswamiji Ahobila swamiji Statueofequality

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