So:bha Ya:thra

It is a sacred investiture walk to flag off holy events. In Ya:gasha:la, it was done amidst chants of Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma pa:ra:yanam and holy hymns from Vedas with thousands of devotees participating in the holy walk.

The grand event of Sri Ramanuja Samaro:ham commenced at 9:00 am today.

It is an event that symbolizes progression, elevation of an event. It is done by sowing seeds in 108 palakas (mud pots). Nava dha:nya:lu – nine types of seeds are used in the process.

Since Chandra, the Moon is the controller of the nine types of seeds, this event commenced in the evening, post sunset.

Each Ya:gasha:la is secured by 3 constables and 2 sub- inspectors. Some police personnel in civilian clothes were also deported to ensure safety of people from thefts and troublemakers.


Note: National Level Artist events – To Be Added.


The divine arena of Pravachana Mandapam or the main stage was surrounded by chants and fervour of So:bha Ya:thra today the 2nd of February 2022. So:bha Ya:thra flagged off the event of Bhagavad Ramanuja Sahasrabdhi Samaro:ham.

Pravachana Mandapam got ready to receive blessed Jeeyars, Acharyas and dignitaries. From cleaners, helpers to police personnel, each volunteer was immersed as they worked to welcome the never-seen-before event. A replica of Sri Ramanujacharya’s statue is positioned at the centre of the main stage with Jaya and Vijaya alongside. The florally decked stage holds two mandapas with replicas of lions staged on either side of the stage as if to signify the magnificence of the Jeeyars.

The main hall with a capacity of over 40,000 guests is fully charged with the reverberation of the holy name of Bhagavad Ramanuja. The entire arena stood to welcome the intense devotion coming from all quarters of Divya Saketham.


  • One of the names of God is ‘Thath’. Since all ji:vas (living beings) belong to him, we are all called ‘Thadi:yas’. Showing respect to people by feeding devotees of God is called ‘Thadi:ya:ra:dhana’.
  • In this sama:ro:ham event, one part of the rituals is to respectfully serve prasa:dam (sanctified food) to people. This section has been planned very well and situated conveniently – accessible from all parts of the complex. It is on the way from asram towards the ya:ga sa:la behind the statue of equality.
  • For convenience sake, the hall was grouped into 3 sections – the ya:jama:nya section (people who sponsored for ho:mam), the VIP section and the third section for general public and devotees.
  • The emphasis is clear – one and all should be served with prasa:dam at any time of the day. There is a continuous inflow of devotees. Since the ya:gam starts tomorrow, the ya:jamanya section will be operational from then onwards.
  • Today, around 3,000 senior police personnel were served in VIP section.
  • Ba:la bho:gam (Breakfast) was served for around 10,000 people today morning. Mirchi bajji, Pongal with chutney / sambar and halwa were served.
  • Ra:ja bho:gam (Lunch) was served for around 22,000 people up to 2:30 PM today. There was rice along with brinjal and cabbage curry, tomato dal, sambar, pickle, sweet pongal and butter milk.
  • Sriman Kantha Rao and team from Guntur are organizing the cooking activities. They have a team of 150 cooks and helpers. There is a big group of 800 volunteers who are round-the-clock serving, cleaning, washing, organizing and transporting the food. The team is ready to scale up and add a greater number of cooks and helpers as devotees start increasing from tomorrow.


The main chef at the Ruthwik Ya:gasha:la was kind to provide details about the kitchen.

Food is being cooked in brass utensils and on wooden fire. Around 60 Vaishnava cooks who have travelled from all the major cities of south India work round-the-clock to provide delicious and ‘pandaga bhojanalu’ (grand luncheons) to nearly 15,000 – 25,000 Ruthwiks who have come to grace the occasion.