10: 00 amAranimathanam with Vishvaksena Aradhana and Sudharshana isti and Vasudeva isti commenced as planned.
11:30 amDwajasthamba Garuda prathishta: Garuda – the divine carrier of the Supreme Lord is hoisted on a tall pedestal to announce the arrival of the magnificent Supreme Lord thereby declaring the onset of the mega event.
Agni MadhanamEach Ya:gasha:la has nine kundas. Agni was created by natural means and introduced into the vruttha kunda (west side of ho:ma kunda). It was then distributed to all other kundas. After agni was thus initiated in all kundas, agni a:ra:dhana – a devotional worship to the deity agni, was performed.
Ghee offeringEach day 6 kgs of pure cow ghee is offered into each Yagna Kundam.
Ho:ma KundasThere are 1035 ho:ma kundas in all. These are divided into four mandapas in the Ya:gasha:la.

  1. Thya:ga
  2. Bho:ga
  3. Gya:na
  4. Pushpa


Note: National Level Artist events – To Be Added


As the pre-requisites for 12-day ya:gam – ankura:ro:pana and ruthwik varanam were completed yesterday, the stage was all set to begin the program.

The day started with devotees performing a:ra:dhana of HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji. There was an unmissable surge in intensity of devotion, fervour among all. The red coloured podium adorned the jewel of Sri Vaishnavism – HH Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamy.

Vedic art-forms, the pathways to God realizations – Sangeetha, Sahitya, Nruthya, Shilpa and Chithra lekha were performed today.

Sangeetham (vocal) recitals in Carnatic style were rendered by Smt.D.Surekha garu and Smt.Kilambi Sreedevi garu, M.A. Their musical sessions added to the spiritual ambience. Dr.S.Narsingh Rao from Yadadri Bhajana Brundham performed divine Bhajans and made people tap into their inner resilience.

Saahithya in the form of a 20-minute Pravachana flowed through the words of Sriman Palaparthi Syamalananda Prasad garu.

Sixteeen disciples of Smt.Ramadevi of Srivari Padalu Academy of Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi performed a vibrant Nruthya in Bharatanatyam style on Sri Krishna Varnam.

Raagam: Reethi gowla, Thalam: Adi, Gaanam: Sri.T.Sreenivasan. Pranavi Tumati and 15 members of Sri Manasa School of dance performed Kuchipudi nruthya and enthralled the audience with their overloaded talent of gripping Marakatha Mani.

The culturally bright day concluded its morning session with a thought provoking skit by JIMS team headed by Ms.Sai Shriya on Communal Harmony which reflects the mission and vision of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya.

The evening session commenced with Sriman Taraka Rama Rao garu’s gaana kacheri. He set a trademark of his own compositions. His team included Dheeraj, Srilekha, Laxmi, Shivasree, Varshith and Uma as co-singers. Mohan on tabala, Srikanth on keyboard, Pavan on pad. Jaya yathiraja, Srimanuja peda sanidhi, Bhali Bhali Ramanuja and Ramanuja chanting were a few of his highlights.

Sri Madhavapeddi Murthy garu is the recipient of the prestigious Kalaimamani award from the government of Tamil Nadu, a renowned Kuchipudi exponent, son of the veteran playback singer, Madhavepeddi Sathyam garu and a senior disciple of Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. He captured the attention of audience with his flawless performance on the song Brahmam Okkate , a composition of Sri Annamacharya. It was a visual treat to the viewers. Every subtle movement had its own unique divinity. His movements presented the essence of music.


  • Volunteers were on their toes to make sure prasa:dam is served to everyone round the clock.
  • For ba:la bho:gam (breakfast) in the public section, 15,000 people were served Godhuma Rava Kesari Halwa (split-wheat halwa); tomato rice and sambar rice.
  • Ra:ja bho:gam (Lunch) was served for around 40,000 people up to 4 PM today. There was rice along with tomato dal, potato-tomato curry, sambar, chutney, mirchi bajji, vadiyalu, mysore pak for sweet, do:sakai -tomato (desi cucumber-Tomato) curry and butter milk.
  • Food was cooked on wood and was so tasty. Aroma and smoke that emanated from the kitchen attracted crowds in large numbers. All devotees were satiated.
  • In VIP – Thadiya:ra:dhana section, 1,500 devotees were served tomato rice (tomato-puliho:ra) for ba:la bho:gam (breakfast). Over 6,000 devotees were served lunch. The items served were green-leaf dal (aaku-koora pappu), potato curry, sambar, mirchi bajji, tomato chutney, pesara pappu pa:yasam(moong-dal kheer), mysore pak and curds.
  • In Ya:jamanya Thadiya:ra:dhana section, over 10,000 devotees were served. Out of these, 3,000 devotees were sponsors of ya:gam along with their families. The rest included volunteers assigned for ya:ga sa:la, police officials, government officials stationed in ya:ga sa:la. The items served were potato curry and green-leaf dal (aaku kura pappu), sambar, red-chilly chutney (pandu mirchi pachadi), mysore pak, Pesara pappu pa:yasam (moong-dal kheer) and curds.