• Ashta:kshari maha manthra japam – 6:30 am to 7:30 am – Chanting the ashta:kshari manthra is said to be a prescribed way to attain mo:ksha, salvation. Devotees thronged in large numbers to ya:gasha:la to join the manthra japam. It was an amazing sight to watch thousands of devotees in front of the Supreme Deity, amidst 1035 ho:ma kundas to perform this holy chanting. The ambience was supremely divine with devotees sharing their divine experience with each other at completion. This routine of chanting will continue till the 14th of February. To keep the previous day’s agni sustained in the kundam, Ruthwiks used vari pottu and samidhalu.
  • Below is a list of the nine types of kundas used in ya:gasha:la along with their significance:
  1. Chathurasram (shaped as square) – to fulfil one’s wishes.
  2. Yoni (shaped as a heart) – for progeny.
  3. Cha:pamArdhachandrakaramUchchatanam (shaped as half-moon)- to remove obstacles and to overcome enemies.
  4. ShedasramSthambanam – to end the evil intentions, work or plans of enemies.
  5. Vrutham (circular shape) – Sarva Sukhavaham – for peace.
  6. Pancha:sramYaksha Kanya Sadanam – to achieve
  7. Thriko:nam (triangular shape)– Ayushabhivrudhi – to increase longevity.
  8. Asta:sram – (similar to a triangular shape) – to grow dairy crops.
  9. Padma (shaped as a lotus) – Poustikam – for fulfillment of all wishes with the grace of
  • At 10 am ya:gasha:la ho:mam and isti Today’s istIs that were nicely decorated with replicas of parrots (chilakala mandapam) included:
    • Lakshmi Narayana Isti (for prosperity and health)
    • Vainateya Isti (for children)
  • With the divine grace of Sri Ramanuja, each mandapam was designed to represent divya desas:
    • Bho:ga mandapam – Srirangam
    • Pushpa mandapam – Tirumala
    • Thyaga mandapam – Kanchipuram
    • Jya:na mandapam – Melkote
  • Evening session commenced with Vedha parayana havanam followed by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s spiritual discourses. Subsequently a mass-chanting of Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama sthothra took place.
  • Istis in the evening included:
    • Vasudeva isti
    • Vainatheya isti


Note: National Level Artist events – To Be Added.


Pravachana Mandapam opened today with the radiant entry of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Swamiji gave a comprehensible speech on the magnanimity of the Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana. It was followed by a pravachanam by Sri Vasudevacharya Vidya Bhaskar Swamy in the Indian classical language of Samskruth; this was in turn followed by Nepali Krishnamacharya Swami’s spiritual discourse.

The aura of devotion spread its wings even as the audience was mesmerised in the captivating keertanas by Prajna Manojna – the Panchangam sisters of Saptha Swara music academy.

Gaanam: Vardhatham yathiraja, Raagam: Brindavani, Thalam: Adi. They also raised the spiritual pitch of the audience as they rendered songs like Gathuvulanni khilamaina, chakkani thalliki chaangubhala, thandanana bhala and other beautiful compositions of Sri Annamacharya.


  • For ba:la bho:gam (Breakfast) in the public section, 20,000 people were served Rava Upma; Mirchi bajji and halwa.
  • Ra:ja bho:gam (Lunch) was served for around 45,000 people until 3 pm today. Menu included rice along with Tomato dal, Capsicum curry, Broadbeans curry (Chikkudu kaya), sambar, chutney, vada, sweet shells made out of wheet (godhuma-gavvalu) for sweet, Do:sakai Beans (Country cucumber-Beans) curry and butter milk.
  • In VIP – Thadiya:ra:dhana section, 5,000 devotees were served Rice-rava upma for ba:la bho:gam (breakfast). Over 8,000 devotees were served lunch. The items served were wheat halwa (godhuma halwa), sweet boondi, vada, Tomato dal, ivy-gourd curry (donda kaaya), Dosa kaya curry (country cucumber curry), sambar, mirchi bajji, Tomato-Lemon chutney,  and curds.
  • Today, Ya:jamanya Thadiya:ra:dhana section was combined with VIP – Thadiya:ra:dhana. So the numbers above include sponsors as well.
  • M/s Vijaya Dairy of Vijayawada sponsored butter milk of 5,000 litres each day. While M/s Nandini Milk was the provider of 8,000 litres of curds, M/s Surabhi Milk of Ongole provided 3,000 litres of milk every single day.
  • Evening snacks: A whopping 35,000 people were served pakodi, vada and chutney as snacks today.
  • Alpa:haram (Dinner) was served to nearly 40,000 people until 10 pm today. White rice, beans curry, potato curry, dal curry, vada, chutney, and butter-milk were served. Volunteers were enthusiastically involved in serving food while strictly following Covid norms.
  • In V.I.P Thadiya:ra:dhana section, 2000 devotees were served leafy vegetable pakodi and tea. More than 3,000 devotees were served dinner. The items served for dinner were dhal paroti, white rice, broad bean curry, sambar, mango pickle, curd, butter milk, steamed rice dumplings and ga:relu.
  • In Ya:jamanya Thadiya:ra:dhana section more than 4,000 devotees were served dinner. Among then 2000 were ya:jamanis, and the rest were volunteers and police personnel. The items served were dhal paroti, white rice, broad bean curry, beans curry, sambar, mango pickle, curd, butter milk, steamed rice dumplings and ga:relu.
  • The team: Ramesh Gupta garu, central committee president of Vikasa Tharangini headed a team of 300 cooks and 200 volunteers who worked untiringly and relentlessly from 6 am through 1 am every single day. As a team, they successfully carried out the mighty task of serving healthy and tasty food to devotees exceeding a whopping one lakh in number!
    It was undoubtedly the grace and spiritual support of His Holiness Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.