December 22nd, 2018


Every year, most of you celebrate birthdays. Even if you choose not to celebrate, your near and dear choose your birthday to show their love and gratitude for having you in their lives. So, one day for one year is considered good enough to convey that kind of wishes for your loved one, isn’t it? Now, how about for someone who gave us the best gifts anyone can give, the real wisdom about Life and the eternal truths of the Supreme!

Ramanujacharya is that one great acharya who was born 1000 years ago. So, we should celebrate his millennium birthday for at least 3 years [considering the 1 day for year that we do for ourselves], right? The celebrations started in 2017, we are entering the third year of celebration!

Let’s take deeper dive at the wisdom he shared and continue to make everyone we know a part of the celebration.

– From Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Continued Millennium Birth Year Celebrations of Ramanujacharya!

   Here’s a quick update on the progress of Statue of Equality Project for our dear readers, please share     and spread the news! We cannot let anyone miss out on this project. Why? Because it is a project           that reflects the work of great soul who had an extremely tender heart supported by a strong               intellectual foundation as recommended by Vedas. He passed onto us the time-tested way of life         coming from rushis, acharyas, and alwars from aeons. What else can make this world better, free         from chaos or unclear direction to life? Let’s all be inspired by such personality!


  • Work has begun in 106 Divya Desams, Centres of Inspiration
  • Roof top structure work is complete for 55 Divya Desams
  • 255 pillars that are to be erected on Divya Desa Mandatapam have arrived the site
  • Out of them, 130 pillars have been erected
  • Four types of Ya:li pillars are getting ready in Hebei, China
  • Construction of Divya Desa Sikharas has begun 
  • Swamiji Himself personally began the work of Sikharas for Thirukko:valu:r, Thiruvahi:ndrapuram Divya Desams
  • Artisan/Carving work of Divya Desam Deities has begun
  • Moola Murthi, the Root Deities of Sri Rangam, Thirumala, Thirumalirumsolai, Uppaliyappan, Thirutthangkal are being carved
  • Krishnasila stone from nearby Kanchipuram that is chosen for the Deity making gives ‘Ghantanadam’ when hit by the artisan’s tool, that is why these stones are called ‘Purusha Sila’
  • Uthsava Murthi, the Travelling Deities of those Divya Desams are also being designed under the guidance and direction of Swamiji inch by inch

  • 120 Kgs of Gold to be utilised in making the Golden Deity of Ramanujacharya, and the making has begun

  • Every evening, there will be an attraction projected on the 216 Feet Ramanujacharya, the relevant physical projection material has reached the site

  • The Entry and Exit areas are designed to have beautiful pink stone crafts and sculptures
  • The place where prasadam will be distributed to everyone is being designed to ensure clean and pious environment