February 27th, 2018


Updates on the progress include:

  • DivyaDesams, Centres of Inspiration – Foundation for 30 temples that inspired Ramanujacharya with their history of Samatha,equality, is complete and 30 more in progress.
  • Bhadravedi – the huge stage that seats 216 feet of Ramanujacharya, 95% of the first floor work on this stage is complete. Railing and sajja work is in progress. First floor pillar and plain cladding work is in progress
  • Dynamic Fountain – Concrete work is in progress. Flower walls and haunch plastering is in progress.
  • Discussions around 4K projector shows on Ramanujacharya have started

We invite everyone to take part in this effort. You will not only make history but also play a role in shaping a direction for future generations on the best way to lead a balanced life, best way to deal with problems of any kind, best source of knowledge on various aspects!

Above all, you can proudly be a part of making the statue, a message of, Equality  allowing all of us to treat ourselves and every being around with dignity and respect for what they are in a broader perspective!