April 20th, 2019


The construction of the “Statue of Equality” is moving at a systematic pace. Construction workers, engineers, masons and others are working hard in various units and the progress of each unit is as below…

Over 109 temples are being built – 108 DivyaDesam temples and 1 Alwar temple.
As of April 8 2019, over 6 temples have reached 80% completion. The rest of the temples are in different stages of construction.

Vimana Gopurams :

Vimana GopuramThe Temple Gopurams form an important part of temple. 70% work has been done for the Gopurams of over 3 temples. Much work is left to do for the rest of the temples.



Main Deities:

Main DatiesSculpturing the deities’ idols have begun and the work for 9 of them is going fairly well. The pace is comparatively slow, but moving steadily under the supervision of Asst. Sthapathy.


Panchaloha Deities :
Panchaloha Deities9 sets are under progress. The team is ensuring speedy progress in this unit.




Temple Doors:
Over 33 beautiful decorative temple doors that need time and creativity have been completed. Rest are in progress.

Divya Desa Mandapa Pillars :
Divya Desa PillarsOver 458 pillars need to be built and 367 have been received with 322 already erected! Work is going well here.



Ticket Counters:
Ticket counterTicket Counters are being built for our ‘Statue of Equality’ visitors and tourists.
Over 85% pillar work is completed. And 14 out of 17 windows have been done as well.



And then we have the Food Court:
57 Pillars are needed for Food Court.Over 5 pillars have 90% of work completed. The construction of the rest of the pillars are in different stages. Likewise, over 8 windows have 70% work done. The remaining 9 windows are in different stages of construction.

BhadravediOver 90% work is done in Badravedi.

USM Beam Cladding work in pending.

For a more detailed report of exact statistics, please Click here