December 9th, 2021


It is said that the sound of O:M governs the entire existence. It is a compassionate act solely aimed at elevating one who truly desires to unite with O:M, the representing sound of God. How it happens is something that gurus reveal to a true seeker.

A:gama sa:sthra (science of temples) and silpa sa:sthra (science of arts and crafts) declare that the stone that produces O:M sound is eligible for deity sculpting. The stone that produces the sound of O:M is called purusha sila.

Silpa sa:sthra recommends that the prime deities are sculpted using purusha sila as one of the means to invoke the seekers with the divine sound of O:M. Therefore, such sculptures are declared eligible for consecration. Such unique qualities are not only defined for stone, but also in the securing of the soil, wood, gold, silver, copper, brass used in the inspiration centers.

At the Statue of Equality, magnificent efforts were put in to procure the right type of stone. They were secured from Valaja in Tamil Nadu. The prime deities in the 108 sanctum sanctorum-s are specially sculpted only with purusha sila. Efficient and focused sculptors from Thirupathi, Mahabalipuram, Karaikudi and Aallagadda had immersed themselves in completing the sculpting work of all the prime deities ready for consecration.

Join the Inauguration event of the absolutely stunning and extraordinary The Statue of Equality from Feb 2nd to Feb 14th, 2022. Unite yourself with O:M and spread the glory of true Equality defined in Ve:das and propagated by Bhagavad Ramanujacharya.

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  Chief Architect, DNV Prasad Sthapathy and team 

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