October 31st, 2018


In this age of information, all of us are recipients of varied knowledge from numerous sources such as media, content forwarded by friends and family on smart phones, and books who claim to know it all.

In such an unclear milieu, ‘Statue of Equality’ is getting ready to showcase the Single Source of Ultimate Knowledge that can relieve the pains and agony caused out of ignorance. Who doesn’t want a life free from unworthy pains!?

The Statue of Equality is aimed at preserving the essence of Vedic knowledge that Ramanujacharya established in a way that every one of us can relish the beauty of the Supreme power.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s eye for detail and heart that spreads warmth and care for every soul is taking a beautiful physical shape here in JIVA.

Here’s a quick update for all our dear readers on the progress of the structure :

  • 350 artisans are working towards the completion of 108 Centres of Inspiration, the Divya Desams
  • 86 of the Divya Desams construction has begun; out of which 27 Divya Desams have their roof top architecture drawn and construction completed
  • The Divya Mandapam, (the base on which 180 Divya Desams stand) is getting ready to host 180 Hoysala Styled pillars
  • 168 jalis (intricately carved mesh kind structures) are getting ready in Hebei, China for the Divya Mandapam
  • Bhadravedi (the stage honouring Ramanujacharya) is now 99% complete with the artisan work
  • Every morning, each of the craftsman eagerly wait to watch the captivating shine of the beautiful pink stone on Bhadravedi under the sunrays
  • The interiors of the mandap where Golden Deity of Ramanujacharya will be seated is close to complete
  • A circle shaped pavement with radius of 190 feet is being designed with lotus petal structures; half of this beautiful layout is complete
  • 75% of civil work is complete at the entrance area
  • Script is getting ready for the 3D mapping show of animation on the Ramanujacharya’s statue; Animation is also set to get started soon
  • The most awaited, the making of the Gold Deity of Ramanujacharya has now begun!

– From the chief architect, Sriman Prasad ji, Statue of Equality