February 16th, 2020


It’s been a while that we updated you on Statue of Equality. We are back with few exclusive updates from Swamiji’s visit to Statue of Equality on the 11th of Feb’2020.

  • Sculpting design team will begin work on inlay patterns of Makrana marble for beautifying the first floor of Badravedi, where Golden Ramanujacharya will receive daily honours and prayers.

  • Instructions were passed on to the team for submitting plans with detailed drawings of design patterns with coloured stone work for the flooring.

  • Designs of authentic arches at the entrance of Golden Ramanujacharya will also begin to take shape in the upcoming weeks; the concept and dimensions were discussed.

  • Ramps, lift rooms and staircase will also be designed to contain beautiful patters of coloured marble stones.

  • Engineers clarified their questions about fire exit doors, AC provisions and pillar work in second floor of Badravedi.

  • Single stoned 18 feet Garuda and 18 feet Hanuman will give darsan to the visitors at the main entrance.

  • Sri Ramanuja Jaya Sthambham, a single stoned 50 feet pillar of Ramanuja’s glory, will also be laid at the site. Team discussed the details regarding this and will move forward accordingly.

  • The deities of 108 centres of inspiration, the divyadesams, are alreadygetting ready to adorn the 108 temples. Team will advise the sculptors to fasten the work.

Swamiji spent time with Rameshwar Rao garu and the team of architects for more than seven hours discussing the above in detail.

– Chief Architect, Siman Prasad Daggupatiji
– 15th Jan 2020, Statue of Equality, JIVA

Human body is a mobile temple (moving mandir) because of the presence of God within the body, keeping us active and alive. When you realise and believe in this, you will keep your body in right condition by giving it the right food, adorn with beautiful thilak, and engage in good activities etc. This is what temple architecture also signifies.

While God exists everywhere, He makes Himself available in a temple with a form and a name. This encourages us in keeping the temple premises as clean and as beautiful as possible. At Statue of Equality,Ramanujacharya, a guru who showed us true form of God, is seated high in all glory. The 108 divya desams reflect the wisdom he shared with us.

Therefore, the entire team is working on adorning the structure with exquisite marble work, the exclusive design patterns, the beautiful carved architecture, the colourful artwork and sculpting work. Within this beautiful structure, Swamiji aims to bless the visitors with the essence of Vedic wisdom. This is what we and upcoming generations can truly benefit from, the wisdom of Vedic science as shared by the greatest guru, Sri Ramanujacharya!