Sri: Ra:ma:nuja Sahasra:bdi Sama:ro:ham

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To sanctify the divine dedication of the Statue of Equality to the world, a unique Vedic yajna Sri: Lakshmi: Na:ra:yana Maha: Krathuvu was conducted for 12 days in 1035 kunda:s, fire altars.

✿ 5000 ruthwiks lead the yajna.
✿ 7 branches of 4 Vedas were chanted.
✿ 10 crore japa of Ashta:kshari Maha:manthra was done.
Ithiha:sas, a:gama:s, purana:s were recited.
✿ Pra:na prathishtta, 108 Divya Desas were consecrated using divine soil and salagra:m mu:rthi:s brought from the same divine places.
Ya:gasa:las constructed with only authentic natural elements.
Prasa:dam, sanctified food was served round the clock.